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What is KDS?

KDS Corporation, a Japanese manufacturer of industrial blades and cutting tools, has been providing innovative cutting solutions since 1937. Known for its focus on technology and innovation, KDS invests heavily in research and development to create cutting-edge products that meet the evolving needs of its customers. 

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What makes KDS Evo Blades the better choice?

THEY ARE SHARPER: KDS differentiates itself from other blade companies with its proprietary heat toughening process, known as the "KDS EVO Method." This method involves subjecting the blade to a high-temperature heat treatment process that alters the molecular structure of the blade material, resulting in a hardened surface layer that is highly wear-resistant and can withstand heavy use.

KDS uses high-quality steel in the manufacture of its blades, carefully selecting the steel based on its specific properties and performance characteristics, such as hardness, toughness, and wear resistance. 

Due to the method and materials used, EVO blades are able to be honed to the optimal angles, so that the blades are physically and measurably sharper.

To ensure the quality of its blades, KDS conducts rigorous testing and inspection throughout the manufacturing process, using advanced equipment and techniques to measure the hardness, wear resistance, and other performance characteristics of the blades. Additionally, the company has a strict quality control system in place to ensure that each blade meets its exacting standards before it is shipped to customers.

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In 2008, KDS was acquired by Muratec, a Japanese machinery manufacturer that specializes in industrial machinery and automation systems. This strategic acquisition allowed Muratec to expand its product offerings and enter new markets. The relationship between KDS and Muratec has been mutually beneficial, allowing both companies to leverage their respective strengths and expertise to deliver innovative, high-quality products and services to customers around the world. The acquisition has also enabled KDS to continue to operate as an independent subsidiary of Muratec, with its own management team and product development process.

KDS-Muratec's commitment to sustainability is reflected in the eco-friendly products and renewable energy sources it uses in its manufacturing processes. Overall, KDS's focus on technology, quality, and sustainability has helped to establish the company as a leader in its field, and it continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in the world of industrial blades and cutting tools.

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