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KDS Trapezoid Blades - EVO Power Black (x5)

KDS Trapezoid Blades - EVO Power Black (x5)

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Blade Measurements: 19mm x 61mm x 0.6mm

Contains 5x Blades

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KDS Trapezoid Blades - EVO Power Black (x5)


Introducing the Trapezoidal Power Black Evolution Blades - the No.1 choice for heavy-duty construction jobs, especially cutting flooring materials.
• Proudly made in Japan, these premium blades are heat toughened.
• This hardening allowing for physically sharper honing of the cutting edge, while retaining their durability and flexibility.
• This manufacturing process ensures optimal cutting performance even under the toughest conditions.
• With a universal size that fits most Trapezoid "Utility" knives, these blades are versatile and reliable, making them a must-have for any construction project.
Trust in the quality and effectiveness of these extra heavy-duty blades to start sharper and last longer.

Whether you're a professional or a DIY enthusiast, these blades will provide optimal cutting performance and reliability for all your construction projects.

We have been using the EVO black blades for over two years now, for cutting and trimming reflective films for roadsigns. We found them to be cost effective and nice to use as they hold their edge well and provide good flex, which is key for what we need. Also our sign makers are changing blades less frequently.

- Mark, RTL Signs -

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