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18mm KDS Grip-Fit Autolock Knife

18mm KDS Grip-Fit Autolock Knife

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SKU: L-22

Blade Measurements: 18mm x 0.5mm

Contains 3x Blades and 1x Knife

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18mm KDS Grip-Fit Autolock Knife


Introducing the 18mm Auto-Lock Grip-Fit knife – look no further for exceptional durability and precision cutting.

Made in Japan, this versatile and sturdy knife is designed to handle all your cutting needs
• The Auto-Lock feature makes it incredibly easy to use;
• the knife's robust body and rubberized non-slip grips provide safety and comfort during use;
• The knife also features a durable steel blade channel for added strength and reliability.

To ensure maximum performance, this knife is equipped with two bonus 18mm Power Black Evolution snap blades, conveniently stored inside the body. These durable and long-lasting blades are tougher than ever before, making them the perfect choice for demanding cutting tasks, ensuring precise and effortless cuts every time.

Whether you're a professional contractor or a DIY enthusiast, get your hands on the GRIP-FIT KNIFE today and experience the ultimate cutting experience.

We have been using the EVO black blades for over two years now, for cutting and trimming reflective films for roadsigns. We found them to be cost effective and nice to use as they hold their edge well and provide good flex, which is key for what we need. Also our sign makers are changing blades less frequently.

- Mark, RTL Signs -

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