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25mm KDS Knife and Blades - Job Boss Pro Value Pack

25mm KDS Knife and Blades - Job Boss Pro Value Pack

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SKU: H-12YE-3B

Blade Measurements: 25mm x 0.7mm

Contains 4x Blades and 1x Knife

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25mm KDS Knife and Blades - Job Boss Pro Value Pack


Introducing the Job Boss Pro Value Pack, the ultimate purchase for all trade professionals.

This heavy-duty knife is designed for rugged trade use and boasts:
• a strong elastomer body;
• steel blade channel; and
• non-slip twist lock for secure use.

The value pack also includes three bonus blades in a handy storage case.
• With a width of 25mm these blades fit most 25mm snap knives;
• The blades are 0.7mm thick for added strength during tough cutting tasks;
• Ideal for use in heavy work situations – building, flooring, drywall, insulation, and construction; and
• Manufactured in Japan from extremely pure, heat toughened, SK2/SK120 grade steel.

Upgrade your cutting experience with the H-Type Power Black Evolution Blades today and enjoy a sharper start and longer-lasting performance.

We have been using the EVO black blades for over two years now, for cutting and trimming reflective films for roadsigns. We found them to be cost effective and nice to use as they hold their edge well and provide good flex, which is key for what we need. Also our sign makers are changing blades less frequently.

- Mark, RTL Signs -

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